Activities You Can Enjoy in the Bridgeport Region

Excellent Trout Fishing Opportunities

The region surrounding the Willow Springs Resort is home to a variety of lakes, rivers and streams offering up excellent fishing and a chance at landing a trophy trout. With the Bridgeport Reservoir, Twin Lakes, Virginia Lakes, Lundy Lake, Kirman Lake along with the East and West Walker Rivers, anglers come from throughout the Western United States to try their luck. The following is a brief listing and description of waterways in which you may be interested.

Kirman Lake is a small back-country lake off Highway 108 north of Bridgeport. It is a 3 mile trek down a dirt road to the lake. Special regulations apply: artificial flies or lures only, barbless hooks, 2 fish limit with a 16" minimum. Best fished from a float tube or kayak. The lake is surrounded by tules or cattails. It has brookies and cutthroat, many are rather large.

Twin Lakes is found 9 from Bridgeport. It is famous for Trophy Trout, has claim to the top 2 spots for the largest Brown Trout caught in California, each weighing over 26 pounds. Trolling is popular, with Rapalas, Wolly bugger flies and Thomas Boyants. Shore or still fishing from a boat with Power Bait and worms usually works well.
Bridgeport reservoir is located along the west side of highway 182 just north of the town of Bridgeport. Fisherman have luck from both a boat or from the shore. Excellent shore fishing is available from the public boat launch all the way down to the dam.

If you feel like taking a hike, you can walk across the dam to access miles of shoreline for a more secluded fishing experience. If fishing from a boat, launch facilities are available at the Bridgeport Marina and the Public Boat Launch.

Typically, the fish will bite when using Power Bait, Night Crawlers, and Mouse Tails when still fishing and when trolling with Speedy Shiners, Thomas Boyants and Rapalas.

Robinson Creek and Buckeye Creek offer some great deep holes where trout love to hide. Take the Twin Lakes Road from the north end of Bridgeport about seven miles and you will see Buckeye Road. The creek is about three miles.

Once you see the bridge you have arrived. By staying on Twin Lakes Road, just past Buckeye turnoff, is Robinson Creek.

This creek flows out of Lower Twin and meanders along any dirt road on the lefthand side going up towards the lakes. Both fish well with salmon eggs and a small split shot or try a lure to get some results.

The East and West Walker Rivers are popular with fly fishermen, especially the East tributary.

Access to the East Walker River is just past the dam on the Bridgeport Reservoir along Highway 182.

The West Walker River is north of Bridgeport and flows through the Walker Canyon offering great terrain for Fly Fishing, Bait Fishing and throwing some lures.
Under special use regulations, the West Walker river is open to year-round fishing. The East Walker river is only open during the regular fishing season. Flies, bait and lures are all capable of enticing your prey.

Virginia Lakes and Virginia Creek are to the south of Willow Springs off Highway 395. Look for the Virginia Lakes turnoff on the right side at the top of Conway Summit 7 miles south of the resort. Turn right and continue up the road about 5 miles to the Virginia Lakes Resort. Anglers fish from shore, with float tubes or boats. The folks at the resort say to use night crawlers, Power Bait or Mice Tails. Lures like a Kastmaster or small Rapalas work well too.

Lundy Lake is another popular lake in the region. It is found off Highway 395 opposite the turnoff to Hawthorne, Nevada. Follow the scenic road and you will end up at Lundy Lake Resort. Fishing from shore, float tubes or boat are all ways to catch your dinner. For a real treat, drive past the resort and back into an area in which beaver live.

You will see tell tale signs of their legendary chewing off trunks of trees. Take your camera, especially during the spectacular fall colors that adorn the aspens in this area.

Soak in the Buckeye or Travertine Hot Springs

A popular hot spring just a short drive from Bridgeport is Buckeye Hot Springs. This hot springs features three tubs, all with natural sand bottoms. The water temperatures ranging from 95° to 110°F. At the bottom of a small waterfall cascading down the rocks is the largest pool. The hot springs are easier to find when it's cold, because you'll be able to see steam rising from the pools from a distance. Buckeye Creek flows right through the region and offers a nice cooling alternative for those needing to cool down.

Directions: Directions: From Willow Springs, turn right on Hwy 395, drive 5.5 miles to the north end of Bridgeport, turn left on the Twin Lakes Road and follow for six miles. Turn right just by Doc and Al's Resort, bear left and go over the bridge crossing the Buckeye Creek. Continue uphill past Buckeye Campground for about four miles. It will feel like a long drive but just keep going until you cross another bridge and come to a crossroad where you will see a sign pointing to the right that reads "Hot Springs". Follow that sign uphill for another 1/4 of a mile or so and you'll see a parking area on the right side. Park there and walk downhill to access the springs. You won't be able to see the spring from the top of the hill, so just follow the small spring cascading over the rock as it takes you all the way to the pools which are located a short distance from the parking area.
Travertine Hot Springs is one of two natural hot springs located near Bridgeport. It is the closest one to Willow Springs Resort. This hot spring offers several soaking opportunities and presents intriguing geology in a beautiful setting. The upper hot spring is the most enjoyable one with temperatures of about 105°F and a small concrete pool. The scenic view of the snow capped Sierra Nevada is spectacular from this location.

Since Travertine is the most popular hot spring in the area, it is frequently occupied by large groups of people. But, usually these other folks are more than happy to share the hot springs and the surrounding view. Additionally, there are also several pools in the lower area with water temperature from 105 to 90°F. The bottom of these pools consist of natural mud.

Directions: Directions: From Willow Springs, go 4.5 miles north, towards town, and turn right on Jack Sawyer Road, immediately after passing the Forest Service Station. Continue for about ¼ mile and bear left onto a dirt road. Follow this road for two miles until you reach a parking area. The upper, left fork takes you to the pool.

Explore the Region on Horseback

Riding through the forest or along a scenic stream on horseback can be a relaxing way to spend a morning or afternoon in the Sierra Nevada. In addition, overnight pack trips are available around Bridgeport too. If you have ridden before, great, you know what to expect. But, if your new to the saddle, don’t fret, the local cowboys and cowgirls are experienced in making sure you have a safe and enjoyable adventure.

There are three opportunities near Bridgeport to go horseback riding. One area is about a mile from the Virginia Lake Resort at Virginia Lakes Pack Station. Here you would ride along Virginia Creek and the surrounding national forest. Closer to Bridgeport is the historic Hunewill Guest Ranch. The ranch has been around for more than 100 years. Join them for a round up or just a ride for an hour or two. North of Bridgeport on Highway 108, a few miles past the Marine Mountain Warfare Training Center, you will come to Leavitt Meadows Pack Station. These wranglers will lead you into the Sonora Pass region, which is truly beautiful.